Summer is here, and this means that if you have not sealed your outside wooden windows, wooden deck or wooden furniture that this weekend is the right time to do so.

The obvious question is what to use to reseal that loved wooden bench. After speaking to various knowledgeable people in the wood industry, it is clear to me that there is no clear answer, it comes down to personal opinion, and what each person or his parents used.

Before you storm into the paint shop, and buying the first product that you see, there seems to be a few questions that needs to be answered about the application of the product. Firstly it is important to know what the current product is that is on the wood. If a traditional varnish was used, a sealant with a wax or oil basis, such as Silkwood, would probably peel off in no time. If you are unsure, or don’t want to use the same the wood needs to be sanded off, and the residue of the current product removed, with a varnish remover like Nitromors, as thoroughly as possible. This will ensure that whatever you now use, stays on and protects the wood as it should.

Secondly, how fast do you need the application to dry? If you have a deck or furniture that needs to be coted, a quick drying product such as Rystic Armadeck will work as the manufacturer claims a drying time of a few hours. For windows the drying time is not a major issue, and products with a wax or oil base will be fine.

An interesting remark that I came across, was that sealants with pigment in, such as mahogany or meranti, repels dangerous UV rays from the sun, and most manufacturers gives these pigmented products a longer life span, some up to six months per cote. Clear sealants only protect wood for half this time.

So in short, there is a variety products, for a variety of purposes, on the market, and each as good as the other. The important thing is to make sure that your wood is correctly prepared for the application, and that you have a product that is right for your need, and ensure that you cote the wood on all the reachable sides, not just on top, or on the sides.




How we got here 

The story of Noag’s Market starts in the early 1990’s. Born from an entrepreneurial family in the early 1990’s, we grew from 4 employees to 110 by the end of 2013. The de Lange family had a single room office from where they did business, not more than 12m2 in size. Noag’s Market is currently situated in a 3600m2 building, with a yard 5 times as big.

It has been an exciting, and at times hair raising, journey to get to where we are today. As a company we have a lot to be grateful for, not in the least our great team employees. We have formed a family, with most of our people being here more than 10 years. Hand in hand with our team goes the reason why we do what we do, our customers. It has always been important to really know our customers, to understand what they need from us, and then deliver more than what the expectation is.

We now stock 20 000 different products, and have double that on our order books. We deliver through-out South Africa, and even to our neighbours in Southern Africa. We have clients in Europe and South America. Noag’s Market has come a long way from the single room office, but we feel that our journey has only just started. We are privileged to have our foundation in South Africa, and the opportunity to build our future in Africa.